inavitas is an energy management platform that enables plants, businesses, and utilities to streamline operations related to electricity production, distribution, and consumption. The inavitas plant platform is designed to... Learn more

Quickbase is a no-code collaborative work management platform that empowers citizen developers to improve operations through real-time insights and automations across complex processes and disparate systems. Here's why Quickbase... Learn more

EnergyCap is a utility bill and energy management software for organizations of all sizes. With this solution, energy and sustainability managers can identify facility inefficiencies, see ENERGY STAR ratings, evaluate the impact... Learn more

Wattics is a cloud-based facilities management solution suitable for small to midsize businesses in a variety of industries. Key features include trend analytics, energy monitoring, measurement and verification (M&V), cost... Learn more

PEAK, a superior building analytics SaaS platform by CIM, streamlines property portfolio management using data, smart automation, and machine learning. The platform elevates efficiency, sustainability, and tenant satisfaction by... Learn more

ROSMIMAN IWMS Global Site is a collaborative, comprehensive and integrator system for managing real estate assets where the various roles of system users can interact and relate from anywhere and at any moment. The system can be... Learn more

Institutions can collect energy information from any data source using MRI eSight, including management and production data sets. It offers tools to filter out erroneous data and promote quality by enabling corporations to... Learn more

Spacewell offers the software and technology tools to simplify facility operations, reduce costs and energy consumption, and create smart buildings and workplaces. The company focuses on making building management smarter and... Learn more

As commercial real estate’s most innovative and powerful building operations platform, Prism by Building Engines transforms building operations for the most successful CRE properties. From work orders to space management, only... Learn more

One2Team platform to deliver onboards all populations into a single digital workplace so that everybody gets a end-to-end 360-degree view of portfolio, projects and process they need to work on. By avoiding duplicate work,... Learn more

Facilio provides a Connected CMMS platform that helps you to unify all your property operations and maintenance to get real-time visibility across your portfolio. Customers in commercial offices, healthcare, retail & higher... Learn more

Galooli is a pioneer in the green energy revolution. The company is blazing a trail in energy management as a service with actionable insights into your operations. Galooli’s remote monitoring solutions optimize energy usage,... Learn more

Watchwire is a cloud-based sustainability and energy management solution designed to help the real estate industry manage utility consumption, budgeting, sustainability, and more. It comes with customizable dashboards, which... Learn more

Strata by Cotopaxi is a web-based energy management solution that helps businesses streamline data collection, analysis and visualization operations for various energy sources. It enables employees to track utility consumption,... Learn more

Therma is a cloud-based energy management solution that helps businesses, restaurant owners and government organizations control and monitor energy expenses without the hassle of complicated technology. With its HVAC control... Learn more

JadeTrack is a cloud-based energy management software that delivers real-time insights, data automation, and savings opportunities. Platform features include automated utility bill management, ENERGY STAR benchmarking for... Learn more

EMM Suite allows users to easily manage energy and financial savings of your facilities in real-time, with EEM Suite. Easily track energy usage and costs to identify opportunities for efficiency and cost reduction, automate bill... Learn more

Since 2016 Janus ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has been providing Project Management and Project Controls software solutions to the Oil and Gas, Mine and Minerals, Healthcare and small business industries. Janus was first... Learn more

Kordata's system configuration and forms builder functionality allows businesses to create unique forms with relationships to other data, automatically deploy it to a native mobile application that works even when there is no... Learn more

BuildingOS is a cloud-based facilities management system suitable for businesses of all sizes in industries such as education, government, retail and hospitality. BuildingOS offers tools to help users manage building maintenance,... Learn more

ioTORQ is an industrial energy management software that helps you understand and take control of your utility usage and spend. ioTORQ Utility Bill Management puts all your utility billing data in one place, allowing for in depth... Learn more

Vitality is an energy management software designed to help businesses manage utility bills, track emissions and control buildings. Key features include rate schedule optimization, accounts receivables reporting, tenant collections... Learn more

Smarkia provides businesses with the tools and information they need to optimize energy efficiency. This includes sensors that monitor their energy usage, providing valuable data about usage patterns and potential savings... Learn more

Snapmeter is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses monitor and analyze utility consumption data with the goal of reducing energy consumption. It provides powerful energy analytics to building operations teams online on... Learn more

NovaVue is a cloud-based electrical, energy, and utility monitoring, analysis, reporting, and alarming solution. It is used by large energy critical facilities such as hospitals, data centers, higher education campuses, &... Learn more

The EASEE Energy Transition Platform was born from the ambition to simplify the construction of energy transition strategies and to make energy transition platform affordable for as many people as possible. EASSE can be used by... Learn more

RigER is a cloud-based field service software solution specializing in oilfield rentals. This product targets small to medium-sized service and rental companies. RigER allows users to schedule oilfield service, dispatch rental... Learn more

Designed for a wide variety of verticals across the energy, agriculture, government, and retail industries, SkySpark is an IoT analytics platform that automatically analyzes data from automation systems, meters, sensors, and... Learn more

AVReporter is an on-premises and/or cloud based innovative energy management software that was designed to help companies to save energy, save cost and become more profitable. It is a hardware independent solution, any meters... Learn more

Enverus is a commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to competitive analytics, permit monitoring, leasing trends tracking and more. It enables staff members to... Learn more

Datakwip is an energy management software designed to help businesses gain insights into energy costs and consumption. The platform enables managers to create custom rules within flowcharts to analyze energy and non-energy data... Learn more

An all-in-one ERP system made exclusively for installation companies is called OpusFlow. The system makes sure that organizational processes are optimized and that work can be done more quickly. With OpusFlow, projects are... Learn more