Cloud-based telematics technology helps streamline fleet operations for businesses. This is done via asset tracking, performance dashboards, vehicle alerts, maintenance scheduling, & more. With CalAmp Telematics Cloud, securely... Learn more

Geotab is an end-to-end fleet management solution that is transforming the transportation and logistics industries. From initial asset procurement to organizing end-of-life, Geotab delivers the management features that fleet... Learn more

Pulpo is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to manage fleets, handle logistics, track transportation, monitor maintenance operations, and more on a centralized platform. It allows employees to conduct inspections,... Learn more

Coast is an intelligent Visa fuel card and expense management solution designed to give companies with commercial vehicle fleets total control over and visibility into employee spending on fuel and other ‘in-the-field’ expenses. ... Learn more


Cheaper fuel expenses; lower labor and insurance costs; enhanced staff safety, asset security, and fleet efficiency are all advantages of GPS fleet monitoring and telematics. SM2 empowers fleet managers to reach the promised... Learn more

Cristal is a delivery management software designed to help transportation companies monitor, manage, and optimize logistics operations. Teams can gain real-time visibility into the delivery network and provide actionable insights... Learn more

Datoms is an Industrial IoT Platform for Rental Businesses, OEMs and Enterprises. Datoms helps in optimizing the entire fleet of assets and equipment by connecting them to the internet using IoT devices and sensors and tracking... Learn more

Satrack is a fleet management solution for businesses of all sizes. It enables users a full 360-degree view of the fleet’s daily operations with real-time data on fleet metrics such as vehicle health, driver behavior, and fuel... Learn more

iRely’s commitment to customer success has made the company a global leader in digital transformation, providing best-in-class software for commodity management, petroleum distribution, retail, grain operations, and agribusinesses... Learn more

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FleetOS is a SaaS software, which brings a complete solution for fleet services. For those who own fleet vehicles, the most concerning things are safety, security, and reliability for daily fleet operations. It reduces the... Learn more

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Fuel Insights is a cloud-based fuel management solution, designed to help businesses of all sizes manage and track inventories, deliveries and alarms across multiple locations. The application enables users to organize... Learn more

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Vusion is a cloud-based service that makes it easy to automatize IFTA reporting. It provides tools for transportation companies to save money on fuel taxes and make better decisions about their fleet, equipment and personnel. It... Learn more

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We offer a fully integrated TMS solution. We also specialize in customizing the product to fit the companies needs and not making them fit the software. We have several packages ranging from basic (standard features such as... Learn more

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