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Restaurant Management Software - Page 4

BentoBox is a restaurant POS software designed to help businesses design websites, add content, and connect with customers through automated marketing tools. The platform enables managers to host events, manage social media posts... Learn more

Through an all-in-one digital ordering platform, Chowly helps restaurants of all sizes operate their off-premise business. Chowly Online Ordering is a first-party ordering solution built for enterprises but perfected for... Learn more

ORDYX is a cloud-based point-of-sale solution designed for small, midsize and large bars and restaurants. Primary features include online ordering, loyalty programs, inventory tracking, time and attendance and delivery management.... Learn more

Resy OS is a cloud-based solution that restaurants to streamline processes related to online reservation management, waitlists, ticketing, online booking, payment processing and more. It provides mobile applications for iOS... Learn more

UBILIZ is an online gift voucher management platform designed for the restaurant, hotel, tourism, wellness, and leisure industries that let users sell a variety of gift vouchers through their website or Facebook page. UBILIZ... Learn more

SerVme is an all in one complete guest experience platform that combines reservations, table management, powerful marketing CRM, re-engagement and guest surveys, with robust analytics. A purpose-built hospitality platform, serVme... Learn more

Horeko is a software specifically created to support hospitality businesses with employee schedules and revenue management. The platform offers a variety of different features such as internal messaging, inventory management,... Learn more

The most recent updates include a customer-focused design and a tonne of new features, including advanced prep times and throttling to prevent restaurants from being overrun with orders, integration with over 70 payment providers... Learn more

DAVO is a sales tax management solution designed to help businesses automatically set sales tax aside daily using data from various point of sale (POS) systems. The application enables organizations to automatically file and pay... Learn more

Kafoodle is an easy-to-use food management system that shows you essential allergen and nutrition information. With recipe management, meal planning, menu creation as well as stock and ordering, it's a complete solution for any... Learn more

GuestXM is a customer experience management and intelligence platform with AI-powered social listening, sentiment analysis, and online engagement tools to keep your brand reputation at your strategic advantage. Feedback &... Learn more