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Consignment Software

Epos Now POS systems are an effective business management, sales, and payment solution for single-site, multi-site, and online businesses. Popular with retailers and hospitality businesses in many industries, Epos Now POS systems... Learn more

Bepoz is an on premise or cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) solution designed for food-service and retail and businesses of all sizes. The product caters to both single as well as multi-location retail. It offers inventory control,... Learn more

Quail is store management and point-of-sale (POS) solution that helps antique vendors, malls and stores manage payments, sales, records, reports and more. The platform enables organizations to issue, print and redeem gift... Learn more

PROSALE offers estate sales management software to drive growth in the estate sale industry. Some features include point of sale, inventory management, loss control, mobile label printing, integrated payment processing, profession... Learn more

Trendful is resale software that integrates with any storefront and provides businesses with an end-to-end platform to run a resale operation, from acquiring inventory to managing payouts. Trendful powers the customer-to-business... Learn more

ConsignR is a software solution designed for inventory management and tracking in physical stores. It is particularly suited to consignment shops and boutiques that aim to simplify their operations and increase sales. The... Learn more

Trace is a powerful platform designed to streamline inventory management, enhance consignor relationships, and simplify payouts for consignment businesses. With a wide range of key features, Trace offers an all-in-one solution to... Learn more

MyCM is a consignment software designed to help businesses handle inventory and optimize prices to manage sales. The platform offers an email marketing tool, which enables managers to connect with potential buyers and volunteers. ... Learn more

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