Sumac is powerful, customizable software designed specifically for nonprofits. It offers a complete solution for Donor Management, Fundraising, Case Management, Membership Management, and Volunteers. Choose the Add-ons you need... Learn more

NewOrg is a configurable cloud-based solution designed to help small and midsize nonprofits manage donors, volunteers, marketing efforts, events and grant management in an integrated suite. It's suitable for veteran organizations,... Learn more

Empower clinicians with our intuitively powerful behavioral health EHR. Easy to learn and quick to train, Exym’s software empowers you to spend more time with your clients and less time managing your work. Exym has designed... Learn more


SAM by InReach Solutions is a cloud-based case management solution designed to help foster care and adoption organizations. SAM is customized to meet unique needs and can streamline agency processes by creating forms and... Learn more

Built on the belief that we could create a better society by encouraging a smarter, more collaborative way of working across the human services social sector, ECINS (Empowering Communities with Integrated Network Systems) is... Learn more

INSZoom is a cloud-based legal case management solution that enables law firms, hospitals, universities, non-profits, professional services organizations, corporations and businesses to streamline operations related to immigration... Learn more

QUALO is an innovative software platform hosted in the cloud, aimed at simplifying workflow and facilitating the reporting of data for those working in the health and human service sector. With its diverse range of features,... Learn more

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myOneFlow is a future-proof solution specifically designed to meet the needs of community service organizations such as workforce development offices, adult education programs, apprenticeship programs and consortiums. Its low... Learn more

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SmarterSoft delivers highly agile case and client data management solution for various nonprofits (NFPs) and government institutions. Custom configured using modular building blocks, the cloud system will be tailored to fit the... Learn more

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Designed for living homes, accommodation homes and other medico-social organizations, NETVie is a cloud-based social work case management solution that offers an innovative approach to information exchange and sharing. The... Learn more

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