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Synap is an award-winning online exam platform, empowering organisations to seamlessly administer secure online exams on a large scale. Effortlessly design exams with a variety of question types, including multiple-choice,... Learn more

Dugga Digital Assessment is an online platform that offers a reliable and secure digital assessment solution. With its robust security infrastructure, Dugga can handle large-scale exams and maintain the integrity of the assessment... Learn more

Digiexam is a reliable online exam platform for K-12 schools and universities, designed to manage the entire exam workflow and promote adoption through its ease of use, both on-campus and remotely. Key Benefits: - Ensure exam... Learn more

TestWe is a cloud-based and on-premise assessment platform that helps businesses manage online exams via skill tracking, score monitoring, digital certificates, reporting and more. TestWe provides interfaces for both classroom... Learn more

At Talview, we specialize in transforming organizations' interview and exam processes using our Gen AI technology. Our focus is on ensuring integrity, efficiency, and fairness throughout remote interviewing and proctoring using... Learn more

The eSkill Talent Assessment Platform includes pre-employment tests and behavioral assessments that HR managers can use to evaluate JobFit in applicants so they can make hiring decisions with confidence and decrease attrition.... Learn more

Classtime is a summative and formative assessment solution for teachers that helps educational institutions manage in-class and distance teaching sessions and provide immediate feedback on every student's level of understanding.... Learn more

SkyPrep LMS is a cloud-based learning management solution that offers a platform to training administrators for creating, managing and selling training courses. Key features include custom branding, automated learner enrollment... Learn more

We've been partnering with companies to help them deliver high-quality training experiences to their clients since 2013. Master your time to achieve training excellence today. Easy LMS is a cloud-based learning management... Learn more

Exam.net is a powerful online exam platform for digital assessments and secure exam proctoring at schools and universities. It provides the teachers at schools and universities with an intuitive and efficient way to plan and... Learn more

ExamJet is a tool that helps teachers evaluate their students' knowledge. It is an online platform designed for schools and universities to improve their testing and record-keeping processes. With ExamJet, teachers can handle... Learn more

SurveyLab is a cloud-based survey solution that caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries. It enables users to build satisfaction surveys, conduct market research and gather employee feedback. SurveyLab offers... Learn more

QuestBase helps businesses create, manage, deliver and online tests, assessments, and certification programs. It features full integration with Blackboard, Moodle, and other LMS systems. It includes an editor that helps users... Learn more

ExamOnline uses an AI to auto-detect candidates by cross-checking their photos with images collected from registration. It verifies that the person attending the exam is the same who registered. It is a groundbreaking platform... Learn more

Top Hat is a cloud-based learning management solution for educational institutions. Key features include attendance tracking, assignment creation, test review and student performance analysis. Top Hat Textbook allows instructors... Learn more

Test Invite is an online exam software that helps businesses, educational institutions and public administrations to deliver online proctored exams at corporate training, certification assessments, education, and pre-employment... Learn more