Anedot is a cloud-based solution that helps non-profit organizations manage fundraising campaigns and collect donations. The centralized platform enables users to create customizable forms and embed them into websites. Furthermore... Learn more

Polis is a cloud-based solution for aiding door-to-door canvassing operations. It is suitable for political, commercial, religious and social organizations interested in enhancing door-knocking campaigns. Polis generates... Learn more

i360 is a data management software designed to help political organizations, consulting agencies and commercial enterprises leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning capabilities to analyze and... Learn more

Zelos is a work management app for on-demand teams and communities. The core features include a central and targeted task list for your members, flexible messaging and detailed reporting. Zelos is a great tool for SMBs who... Learn more

Six Lambda is a structured data solution that ensures monitoring and testing of pay-to-play policies for compliance professionals. It scrapes federal, state and local public data sources on a daily basis and creates a comprehensiv... Learn more

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Blitzfile is a campaign finance management software for political candidates and political action committees (PACS). It is fully integrated with NationBuilder, a company that develops software for political campaigns. By... Learn more

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eFund Connect is an online political contribution platform. It is a payment processing platform that helps users of political campaigns raise funds online. The software allows users to collect donations, drack donor contact... Learn more

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