Miro is a cloud-based collaboration tool for small to midsize businesses. The solution features a digital whiteboard that can be used for research, ideation, building customer journeys and user story maps, wireframing and a range... Learn more

Figma is a cloud-based design tool, which helps businesses create, test, and deliver product designs in a collaborative manner. Features include version history, team libraries, audio conversations, content management, overlays,... Learn more

Axure RP is an on-premise application development platform that allows users to wireframe and prototype software projects. It helps non-technical businesses to publish diagrams and prototypes in cloud or on-premise platforms and... Learn more

Anima is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool that has been designed to help businesses to manage their workflows. It's designed to help large companies and mid-sized businesses (up to 1,000 employees) automate their customer... Learn more

Maze is the leading rapid testing platform that empowers agile teams to test, learn and act rapidly. The platform allows product and marketing teams to test user-facing experiences remotely and collaborate on projects via a... Learn more

Skuid is a cloud-based user experience platform that allows organizations to create applications for tracking resource productivity, sales engagement and other business activities. The solution has a drag-and-drop application... Learn more

iRise is a cloud-based project requirement and prototype management solution that caters to midsize and large businesses across various industry verticals. This modular solution allows users to capture project requirements using... Learn more

Ribbon is a user experience insights platform for e-commerce companies embedded within your website and app. This allows product and user research teams to rapidly deploy research studies like user interviews, surveys and... Learn more

Avonni is a user experience (UX) design and prototyping solution that helps businesses create engaging Salesforce applications using the built-in prototyping tools, flow screen component library, and flow builder. It enables team... Learn more

Visily is the easiest and most powerful wireframe software that enables teams, regardless of size and skills, to brainstorm and create beautiful app wireframes. Through an intuitive interface, rich UI library, and advanced AI... Learn more

Penpot is an open-source design and prototyping tool for Product teams, where designers and developers can truly collaborate faster together. It allows you to work on your mockups, wireframes and web / app / UX & UI designs. Pen... Learn more

Getting answers from your customers has never been easier. Our all-in-one customer research platform automates every part of the research process from building a panel to scheduling interviews, sending incentives and sharing... Learn more

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SuprXR offers unity 3D, augmented reality, virtual reality, metaverse, WebAR, 3D modeling, game development and game design. Technical skills include - Engines: Unity 3D - Virtual Reality: HTC Vive, Oculus DK2, Gear VR, Google... Learn more

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Reprise is a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to create and distribute demo videos of their products. It can be used by presales, sales and marketing teams as a jump-start for creating demos customized to their own... Learn more

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UModel is an intuitive UML design tool for creating project documentation quickly and efficiently. With its powerful UML diagramming features, users can easily model software applications visualized and documented in minutes,... Learn more

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