Sonix is a web-based solution that allows businesses to transcribe audio and video files. The fully automated software is able to transcribe 30 minutes of audio or video in approximately 3-4 minutes, for industries that require... Learn more

Otter is a note-taking software designed to help businesses record, transcribe and share voice notes in real-time. The platform enables administrators to invite participants, edit notes, manage vocabulary and automatically... Learn more

Modjo is a sales enablement tool that help modern business to close more deals. An entirely cloud-based conversation intelligence software that integrates seamlessly with popular productivity and helpdesk tools. Modjo was built... Learn more


Rev is a speech-to-text platform designed to help businesses access transcripts and captions, improve workflows and streamline team collaboration activities using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Using Rev, organizations... Learn more

Appen is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution that helps businesses across automotive, retail, healthcare and other industries streamline data extraction and natural language processing (NLP) operations. It enables... Learn more

Spoke is an instant note-taking tool for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and more. It automatically creates a video clip of the hit moment and sends it to users' email after the meeting ends. The agenda is automatically... Learn more

Laxis makes meetings more productive by letting you and your team engage with each other, knowing that notes and follow up are being taken accurately and automatically. Laxis is the next generation of AI meeting assistants that... Learn more

Capté is the tool you've been waiting for to caption. Captionnig is essensial. You need to subtitle your videos. 80% of the videos are watched in mute mode. The captions allow you to gain 12% of visibility to your videos. Make... Learn more

EoleCC is a subtitling platform that helps businesses create subtitles in multiple languages using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Users can upload video or audio, access transcription and translation capabilities by AI... Learn more

Maestra is a speech to text solution that helps businesses across marketing, education and publishing industries streamline closed caption, speech recognition and transcription operations. It enables users to convert audio files... Learn more

Verbit is a closed captioning solution, which helps legal professionals and businesses in media, education and other industries leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate audio and text transcripts for hearings,... Learn more

Vowel is a video conferencing tool that makes meetings better. Plan, host, transcribe, search and share meetings all in one browser window, with no need to add on different tools. Vowel is great for brainstorms, user interviews,... Learn more

WIth Subly users can generate captions automatically. Edit and style subtitles to improve brand awareness and accessibility of their video or audio content. Users can repurpose and resize video content for different social... Learn more

Subcap is an automatic subtitle generator mobile app with high accuracy thanks to its artificial intelligence. It allows users to shoot a video simultaneously or upload a video from the gallery. It automatically transcribes the... Learn more

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Trance is a transcription software designed to help businesses create closed captions and translations for visual content. The platform enables administrators to view the source text and translated data via the dual-pane display... Learn more

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Notably is an all-in-one research platform thoughtfully designed for your workflow. Our vision is to make research a part of every day work, and we want to set your research up for success from the very beginning. As a tool that... Learn more

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Marsview Notes automatically transcribes what’s spoken, shown and written in a live or a pre-recorded meeting. Using patent-pending AI technologies, the application writes out comprehensive notes, actions, questions and decisions.... Learn more

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Voximal is a VoiceXML browser for Asterisk that integrates cloud speech services like Google Speech API, IBM Watson Speech-To-Text, Azure Bing Speech, but keeps on-premise capability thanks to UNIMRCP connector. Voximal is... Learn more

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Wavel is an AI-powered video assistant that can revolutionize the way you produce and share video content. With its advanced text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology, Wavel can generate captions, subtitles, and dubbing in... Learn more

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Sembly is an artificial intelligence software designed to help businesses generate minutes of meetings, sharable summaries and outcomes of discussion including topics discussed, key decisions, and action items. The platform... Learn more

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