DHTMLX delivers a wide range of highly customizable JavaScript UI widgets for developing enterprise web applications of any complexity. With DHTMLX, you can maximally simplify the process of integrating advanced functionalities... Learn more

Velneo is a Spanish-based software development platform that allows developers to build and deploy custom business applications quickly and easily. It provides a high-level visual development environment that allows developers to... Learn more

Spyder is a powerful interactive Python development environment with advanced editing, interactive execution, debugging and introspection features. It was created with the goal of being the most intuitive, efficient and successful... Learn more

XMLSpy is an on-premise solution that helps businesses leverage XML and JSON editors to build applications and manage modeling processes. Professionals can use the Smart Fix XLM tool to automatically detect, validate and resolve... Learn more

Rider is an integrated development environment platform designed for .NET developers building enterprise software solutions across Windows, Mac, and Linux. Rider supports .NET Framework, .NET Core, and Mono with live code... Learn more

IDA Pro is a binary code analysis tool. It's capable of creating maps of software's execution to show the binary instructions that are actually executed by the processor in a symbolic representation called assembly language. This... Learn more

ModHeader is a browser extension that allows you to easily modify and manipulate the HTTP request headers sent by your web browser when interacting with websites. To understand ModHeader's purpose, it is helpful to first grasp... Learn more

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