Jolt is a comprehensive digital operations platform that is available on smartphones and tablets. Jolt helps restaurants, retail, hospitality, and other businesses create accountability, enhance food safety compliance, and boost... Learn more

Sortly Pro is a cloud-based inventory management solution that caters to small and midsize businesses across various industries. Key features include activity tracking, location tracking, inventory management, barcoding and audit... Learn more

QRPlus is a cloud-based label printing software that helps businesses print QR codes, generate different labels, and more on a unified platform. Users can personalize static codes based on various colors and file formats. Manager... Learn more

eShip is a shipping management solution designed to help businesses handle orders, couriers, customers' addresses, product returns and more from within a unified platform. Teams can track orders in real-time, schedule product... Learn more

eSwap is a cloud-based inventory management solution, which helps businesses streamline processes related to workflow automation, B2B eCommerce, delivery tracking, order synchronization and more. Professionals can gain visibility... Learn more

Artwork management is a cloud-based packaging and artwork lifecycle management system. This platform includes features such as customized workflows, digital version comparison, and central repository. Artwork management software... Learn more

ZetesAtlas is a package execution system that offers full traceability and quick access to product identification. It enables manufacturers to ensure that they are in compliance with all current and future laws, including the UDI... Learn more

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