usecure's human risk management (HRM) platform evaluates employee security posture against evolving cyber threats and reduces user-related security incidents caused by human error, whilst demonstrating compliance with core... Learn more

SafeTitan is the only behavior driven security awareness solution that delivers security training in real-time. SafeTitan helps companies be compliant and provides and advanced security layer through a human firewall. With... Learn more

Hoxhunt is a security awareness training software that helps businesses educate the workforce to identify and report cybersecurity attacks. The solution enables administrators to create simulated phishing attacks based on... Learn more

PhishingBox is a cloud-based security awareness training platform that helps small to large organizations conduct simulated phishing attacks to identify end-users’ susceptibility to threats. Features include pre-defined phishing... Learn more

GoldPhish is a security awareness training solution designed to help businesses deploy phishing simulations, quizzes, bite-sized courses, interactive modules and other content to educate employees about cyber attacks. Key... Learn more

As a global security awareness company, Phished is on a daily mission to predict and prevent cyber incidents. With the aid of our smart and fully automated AI-driven platform, we train your employees to become a real Human... Learn more

Cognician activates employee behavior change through scalable, personalized, and data-driven digital experiences that achieve measurable change. This neuroscience-based behavior change approach is grounded in action, follow-throug... Learn more

Drillster is a smart microlearning app that keeps critical knowledge and competencies top of mind, so employees can deliver top performance, using the right skills at the right time. Drillster was founded in 2011 by Thomas... Learn more

CybeReady is a cloud-based cybersecurity awareness training solution, designed to help organizations of all sizes across finance, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical sectors build and assign training sessions to employees. ... Learn more

AwareGO is a human risk assessment solution that helps businesses identify, measure and remedy the human risk factor when it comes to cybersecurity. It enables professionals to measure top human attack vectors including - -... Learn more

CloudShare is a security awareness training software designed to help businesses create engaging hands-on virtual training and demo environments. The platform enables managers to gain real-time insights into performance metrics. ... Learn more

INFIMA is a security awareness training solution that helps organizations design and manage custom training programs to deliver knowledge about compliance regulation, cyber safety, threat management, and best practices. The... Learn more

Say goodbye to employee cybersecurity training headaches with CyberHoot! With its Power Platform, get a Learning Management System, Phish testing, and Governance, Risk, and Compliance tool all in one. With over 1000 fun cybersecur... Learn more

Phishing attacks are the biggest threat your company faces today. Our powerfully simple anti-phishing service is fast to deploy, easy to use, and protects you against today’s most dangerous phishing threats. We believe cybersecur... Learn more

Due to increased risk and HIPAA regulation demands for DLP and file tracking, PharmScript, provider of long-term care pharmacy services to healthcare facilities across 10 states was required to implement a regulatory compliant... Learn more

Cyberday is an easy-to-use compliance tool for IT specialists and cyber security professionals. It helps users manage all the needed actions to get certification-ready. Cyberday offers a unique solution for many different... Learn more

ThinkCyber's Redflags® software is a uniquely real-time solution to deliver secure behaviour change with corporate staff. Real-time and drip-fed security awareness interventions engage users "at the point of risk", allowing you... Learn more

ThreatCop is a cloud-based cybersecurity awareness tool, which helps businesses assess the threat posture and measure the vulnerability level of employees through an interactive questionnaire. Features include real-time attack... Learn more

Scytale aims to save fast-moving tech startups hundred of hours by automating their SOC 2 and IS0 27001 readiness process and enables teams to manage compliance workflows all within the tool. Scytale makes compliance simple... Learn more

Guardz was specifically built to empower MSPs with the tools to holistically secure and insure SMEs against ever-evolving threats such as phishing, ransomware attacks, data loss, and user risks by leveraging AI and a multilayered... Learn more

Curricula is a cloud-based security awareness training solution, which enables businesses to set up and manage learning processes for employees. The platform includes two-factor authentication and single-sign-on (SSO) capabilities... Learn more

Intervy is a Microsoft Teams virtual assistant that helps HR professionals and team leaders to improve engagement and awareness for remote and hybrid teams. Through gamification, Intervy will strengthen three main core pillars... Learn more

Infosec IQ is a training administration solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to employee trainings, progress tracking, risk assessment, and more from within a unified platform. Cybersecurity professionals... Learn more

CybSafe is a security awareness training software designed to help businesses host eLearning modules and educate employees about phishing attacks. The platform enables administrators to measure knowledge and assess individuals’... Learn more

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Avatao is a compliance training software designed to help businesses in healthcare, telecommunication, information technology and services, computer software, aviation, banking, finance, insurance industries to equip their teams... Learn more

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Synopsys offers valuable security education to support your organization with our eLearning and instructor-led training solutions. Our catalog of courses ranges from high-level security topics to writing secure code with specific... Learn more

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CERMAT allows you to keep track of all employee qualifications in one place. This is particularly useful for industrial companies. The software can be used to record all mandatory trainings, certificates and examinations for each... Learn more

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Zepo is a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that helps businesses deliver awareness training, handle phishing simulations, track employee performance progress, and more. The tool helps users to run phishing campaigns, send... Learn more

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InQuest's Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) solution, leverages our patented, Deep File Inspection (DFI) technology to analyze, identify, and ultimately prevent malware, phishing, ransomware, spam, and scams from being... Learn more

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