Cision is a comprehensive communications platform enabling more than 100,000 public relations and marketing professionals around the world to understand, influence and amplify their stories. As the market leader, Cision enables... Learn more

What if you had a more efficient way to do influencer marketing? Well, now it's here. Moonio offers a comprehensive set of tools for brands and creators to connect, and all the necessary features to run hassle-free, successful... Learn more

Mediatoolkit is a cloud-based online and social media monitoring tool that tracks mentions of relevant keywords across 100 million sources, in real-time and in any language. All mentions are displayed in one place, the feed,... Learn more

KP16 is market research software that helps businesses with gathering, visualizing, and strategizing using consumer insights data. The main features of KP16 include benchmarking, real time data, visual analytics, customer... Learn more

MAXIMIZE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA IMPACT WITH CONTENT INTELLIGENCE AND DATA ANALYSIS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS 🚀 Beyond the "likes" there is a world full of strategic advantages - get into competitive analysis and take the lead! Welov... Learn more

Emojot is a versatile and customizable SaaS platform designed to facilitate customer-focused digital transformation for businesses across multiple industries. The platform aims to improve customer experiences, optimize employee... Learn more

Ovonts is an influencer marketing and social experience platform which offers businesses access to a successful team that helps you at every step of the way powering connected marketing and commerce outcomes at scale. Features: 1... Learn more

With a whole load of channels to toggle between and the public always watching, delivering social customer service and marketing content that knocks your customers' socks off is no easy feat. The Orlo platform empowers you to... Learn more

Using existing methods like questionnaires to understand culture wellness, engagement, and churn in organizations is outdated and inaccurate. ELEFense is an automated and accurate solution designed to quantify cultural... Learn more

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BuzzSense is a social listening and sentiment analysis software that helps brands categorize audience sentiment and work towards achieving a higher customer satisfaction rate. Utilize real-time brand mention alerts and automated... Learn more

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Radarr is a cloud-based social media listening solution, designed to help organizations track online conversations and identify customer sentiments in real-time. The solution lets professionals comprehend the audience's... Learn more

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