Haptik is a conversational AI platform designed to help businesses in telecom, travel, hospitality, financial services and eCommerce industries manage customer experiences using omnichannel virtual assistants. Professionals can... Learn more

Use your dedicated assistant to help you focus on your core activities by having them take over busy work such as Basic Research, Data Entry, Social Media Management, Lead Generation, etc. Additional services like specialized... Learn more

Kore.ai is an on-premise and cloud-based conversational AI platform that helps businesses across airlines, healthcare, telecom, banking, insurance, retail, and other industries automate customer interactions via a unified portal.... Learn more


Ada helps businesses create Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled chatbots to streamline customer support and communication processes. It offers customization tools, which allows organizations to improve customer engagement using... Learn more

Kindly is a conversational AI solution that enables brands to build customer experiences that boost online sales and improve customer satisfaction. This solution is suitable for businesses with online shoppers and buyers. Kindly... Learn more

KLoBot is a DIY voice+text Chatbot & Virtual Assistant builder platform that can be used to build, configure, and deploy no-code chatbots within minutes. Why KLoBot? Simplified interface for non-technical users No-code Chatbot... Learn more

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Handy.ai is a communication success platform that unites remote employees/customers with the companies. The main features of the solution include: - Employee assistance - Recruiting (new candidate assistance) - Adaptation -... Learn more

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We believe that customer service should be available 24/7, which is why we offer our AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbot services. Our AI-powered chatbots are able to provide engaging and professional conversations to your... Learn more

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GenieTalk.ai is an AI-powered SaaS-based platform that revolutionizes B2B contact centers and lead/demand generation operations. This platform leverages advanced AI technology to streamline and automate the task of lead verificati... Learn more

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