Mailgun is a cloud-based transactional email API service designed to help developers send, track and receive emails from websites or applications. Features include inbound email routing, A/B testing, batch sending, email... Learn more

InboxReady is a cloud-based email deliverability software that helps businesses monitor email marketing performance, analyze lead scores, and generate revenue on a unified platform. It helps users create automated campaigns,... Learn more

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Bouncer - The easiest to use, yet the most powerful E-mail Validation and deliverability Service. Bouncer is a fortress-like secure - SOC 2 and GDPR-compliant e-mail verification and deliverability platform trusted by over 5000... Learn more

Twilio SendGrid is a cloud-based email marketing tool that assists marketers and developers with campaign management and audience engagement. Its key features include A/B testing, mailing list management, predefined templates,... Learn more

Proofy is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses authenticate email addresses through various tools such as syntax verification, domain validation and more. Professionals can utilize the drag-and-drop interface to upload... Learn more

Mailjet is a cloud-based email automation solution that helps small to large businesses create, manage, send and optimize email marketing as well as transactional emails. The platform offers a drag-and-drop builder that allows... Learn more

Lusha is a lead generation platform, which helps sales representatives, recruitment managers and marketers in businesses of all sizes find contact details of prospects to reach out and generate leads. The software allows managers... Learn more

Emailable is a cloud-based email verification solution designed to help marketers and developers manage marketing campaigns. It comes with an email parsing tool, which enables users to analyze contacts and filter dead/spam... Learn more

DeBounce is an email verification tool that allows businesses to remove invalid, disposable and spam-trap emails from the database. Users can use DeBounce API, WordPress plugin or the easy to install JavaScript widget to... Learn more

Experience the power of – your ultimate sales growth helper! Our acclaimed toolkit will improve your lead generation, outreach, email deliverability and customer management. Say hello to streamlined sales at any scale!With... Learn more

Selzy is a cloud-based email marketing platform for any type of business. It allows marketers to design professional emails in less than 15 minutes: use 100+ templates or build from scratch in our drag-and-drop email builder. Gro... Learn more

Clearout software is an email verification and lead finder tool. It aims to improve operations for sales and marketing professionals by finding and reaching lucrative prospects via email in bulk. It helps improve deliverability... Learn more

1PointMail is a cloud-based email marketing solution that helps small to midsize businesses create and execute custom marketing campaigns. The platform allows users to manage lists, personalization, optimization, contacts,... Learn more

Folderly is an all-in-one email solution platform to supercharge your email performance. Locate, solve, and prevent email deliverability pitfalls. Reach the Inbox with any email service provider. Deep email deliverability fixes,... Learn more

SparkPost is an email delivery platform that helps businesses of all sizes predict and monitor ISP responses, email bounce rates and spam traps in real-time. The inbox tracker enables marketers to create and send emails using... Learn more

SafetyMails is an email verification tool designed to help organizations identify and remove invalid, disposable and spam email addresses. It allows employees to upload email lists into the system, automatically fix typing errors... Learn more

Businesses and individuals use Mailtrap Email Delivery Platform to test, send and control their email infrastructure in one place. Email platform for effective sending and high deliverability rates. Email Testing is the sandbox... Learn more

LeadMine is a cloud-based lead generation and sales prospecting solution, designed to help small businesses search for targeted B2B customers and their email addresses. The application lets professionals store the contact... Learn more

Sealit solutions provide end-to-end encryption giving full data management to its users with email and file protection. Seamlessly implemented with communication & collaboration tools that you already use. Best for small... Learn more

ListClean is an email verification and validation solution that performs seven stages of email verification for maximum accuracy. It includes - - Syntax check - Gibberish check - domain existence check - MX record check -... Learn more

CUFinder is a cutting-edge platform that seamlessly enriches data and generates leads for businesses. With its precise and real-time data verification, it ensures accuracy. Additionally, it provides an Application Programming... Learn more

Klemail easily and accurately spot invalid, disposable and unwanted emails in your file or database. These email addresses are problematic for your email reputation. Cleaning your contact lists will allow you to reduce your... Learn more

IPQS is a leading fraud prevention solution tailored for businesses like yours. Powered by the most up-to-date and comprehensive data, our advanced APIs and datasets specialize in real-time fraud prevention with unparalleled... Learn more

Kickstart your Growth Marketing journey with the top Growth Marketing toolkit with 50+ tools. Our team consists of top SaaS product developers who help Growth Marketers fulfil their business goals. One of our greatest passions is... Learn more

MailerCheck is an all-in-one email deliverability platform that helps businesses optimize their campaigns and email configuration. It was created by email deliverability experts with over 10 years experience in the delivery of... Learn more