ShareCRF is a electronic data capture (EDC) tool that enables education institutions, medical organizations and pharmaceutical companies create and manage eCRF on a centralized platform. It enables users to conduct clinical... Learn more

EvidentIQ EDC is a cost-effective, scalable, and compliant EDC system. EvidentIQ utilizes clinical trial software technologies to ensure our clients receive value for money, whilst securing compliance and quality service. Our 21... Learn more

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eCOA is an electronic clinic outcome assessment solution, which enables businesses to collect data from patients via assessments. eCOA includes electronic data capture capabilities and instant notifications. It enables... Learn more

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Since 2003, Viedoc has designed specialized software for the life science industry. Viedoc’s eClinical suite adapts to studies of any phase and supports biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, as well as prominent... Learn more

EDGE is a clinical trial management solution that provides reporting capabilities to speed up internal processes and enable users to maximize data utilization. This solution is used across 80% of the NHS within the UK as well as... Learn more

Castor EDC is a secure Electronic Data Capture system designed to manage clinical studies and trials. This solution can be used by various organizations including medical device development, biotechnology researchers, pharmaceutic... Learn more

ABAdesk is a cloud-based solution designed to help medical organizations collect clients’ behavioral data and provide treatment plans accordingly. Professionals can use the dashboard to gain an overview of patients’ applied... Learn more

At Medrio, our vision is to improve 100 million lives by enabling faster, more efficient, higher-quality clinical trials. We empower sponsors and CROs through our proven, scalable solutions, unrivaled customer support, and... Learn more

Ripple is a web-based solution designed to manage recruitment and post-enrollment tracking of clinical trial patients. It can be used by academic institutions, contract research organizations, small medical device companies, plus... Learn more

Crucial Data Solutions (CDS) has provided electronic data capture (EDC) software for the past ten years and CTMS software for nine years. CDS is the first company to offer truly affordable, cutting-edge study management tools... Learn more

Xolomon is an electronic medical record (EMR) and patient engagement solution that helps healthcare organizations streamline patient data collection and management operations from within a unified platform. It allows employees to... Learn more

Story by PulsePoint is a content marketing platform designed to help businesses distribute created content across multiple social, native and other channels to optimize key performance indicators (KPIs) and deliver return on... Learn more

CRIO is a health tech company delivering comprehensive clinical research solutions for pharma, biotech, research sites, and academic research centers to streamline regulatory workflows. As the leading eSource solution for sites... Learn more

Catalyst is a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based data collection software for clinicians providing ABA therapy for individuals on the autism spectrum. Key features of Catalyst are its automated reporting and graphing, predefined... Learn more

Datacapt provides a global, intuitive, flexible, and affordable electronic data capture platform with eCRF, ePRO, eCOA, eConsent, eConsult and Randomisation. Conduct with on-site, or decentralized clinical trials. Datacapt... Learn more

STARLIMS is a clinical trial management software that helps businesses collect, manage and interpret laboratory data. The platform enables managers to configure workflows for research projects and regulate compliance. Administrat... Learn more

RegDocs365 is an electronic regulatory document management (EDM) system for life sciences. It caters to biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies. The platform offers core features for managing regulatory documents.... Learn more

ClinicDr is a cloud-based medical practice management software which helps chiropractors handle treatment documentation, billing services, credentialing, claim scrubbing, scheduling, appointment reminders, telemedicine and more.... Learn more

For service-based professionals of many disciplines, UnitusTI is a HIPAA/FERPA/GDPR-compliant, cloud-based, and encrypted practice management system. UnitusTI is multidisciplinary and can be used for ABA therapy, music therapy,... Learn more

Clindox's integrated EDC application, CRFWEB, is the perfect tool for your clinical research needs. It offers eCRF, eDiary, and ePRO functionality plus integrated Randomization and MedDRA coding modules. With this software, you... Learn more

UNITY is a cloud-based solution that helps clinics manage the collection of clinical data, recording of patient-reported outcomes, extraction of radiographic data and other related operations The platform assists administrators... Learn more

Complex eClinical Solution for EDC/ERT/eCOA that significantly speeds up the start of clinical trials (up to 5 days), saves budget (up to 80% for monitoring), increases the capitalization and attractiveness of your company (noted... Learn more

ARCS is a cloud-based panel management solution that helps research institutions schedule study sessions, manage participants and streamline other administrative processes. Professionals can use the dashboard to schedule... Learn more

NuvertOS is a healthcare management solution that helps hospitals, clinics, and more with managing health records, billing, pharmacy, diagnostic, and more. Specialized processes that are part of the offering allow the system to... Learn more

DFdiscover is a cloud-based electronic data capture solution that allows healthcare organizations to streamline clinical trials by easily managing their study and trial phase needs as well as the data collection processes. It... Learn more

Ennov CTMS facilitates the end-to-end management of clinical trials. The software allows sponsors to be more efficient, make better decisions, ensure compliance, select investigators well, manage finances, monitor patient... Learn more