Hotjar is an all-in-one digital experience insights platform. It’s all the tools and data you need to truly understand your users’ behavior and create engaging experiences that drive results. Get to know your users at every step... Learn more

Jahia is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses monitor customers’ experiences and provide personalized content accordingly. Professionals can use the built-in CMS solution, jContent, to create, store, manage and share... Learn more

qTest is a cloud-based test management software that offers a variety of functionalities to help businesses test their applications, websites and other digital products. Its automated testing functionality allows users to find... Learn more

ZeuZ is a cloud-based and on-premise automation testing platform designed to help businesses create test workflows for desktop, APIs, web, mobile, and cloud applications. Project managers can track milestones, progress, test... Learn more

Traek is an all-in-one sales and marketing tool incorporating multiple features in three suites: Connect, Analyze & Convert. Traek Connect: Instant and prompt engagement with website visitors through an AI-powered live chat... Learn more

Maze is the continuous product discovery platform for user-centric product teams. Maze empowers product teams to continuously collect and action user insights across the entire product development cycle. Create and send... Learn more

UserQ is a cloud-based user testing solution that lets marketers conduct preference tests, group information via card sorting, and analyze where visitors click first on the website with first-click tests. Additionally, it offers... Learn more

Ribbon is a user experience insights platform for e-commerce companies embedded within your website and app. This allows product and user research teams to rapidly deploy research studies like user interviews, surveys and... Learn more

ARCS is a cloud-based panel management solution that helps research institutions schedule study sessions, manage participants and streamline other administrative processes. Professionals can use the dashboard to schedule... Learn more

Do you want to know more about your customers? Sonar is a video-based user research platform that enables companies and agencies to do research in a fast, reliable, and consistent way. Sonar's innovative platform uses video... Learn more

Wnyter is a message testing solution designed for strategic B2B marketers. It allows users to set up targeted research panels of users vetted through LinkedIn to ensure that you reach the correct segment of users. Tests can be... Learn more

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Online software platform to help research find, interview and pay participants all on one place. Askable is a participant recruitment platform that provides a range of features including online surveys, tasks, remote testing,... Learn more

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Mapping Hero is the ultimate solution to help you get conversion rates up and turn more visitors into customers. Our features are designed to help you tackle all of your conversion challenges and boost your bottom line. With... Learn more

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Getting answers from your customers has never been easier. Our all-in-one customer research platform automates every part of the research process from building a panel to scheduling interviews, sending incentives and sharing... Learn more

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TestDirector is a web-based test management tool that helps users plan, organize and track their software testing activities. With its integrated performance testing capabilities, agile support, and real-time project collaboration... Learn more

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EthOS is an innovative Human Insights Platform that’s revolutionizing the way companies understand customers and their experiences. We empower UX, CX, and Insights teams with advanced tools to capture omnichannel touchpoints,... Learn more

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