Cheqdin is a cloud-based childcare solution that helps businesses manage billing and invoicing operations in nurseries, day care centers and afterschool programs. Key features include parent portal, photo gallery, immunization... Learn more

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SmartCare is a cloud-based childcare solution that connects childcare center owners, teachers and parents in real time through a web interface. SmartCare is fit for childcare centers and K-12 schools in the US. It helps parents... Learn more

TimeSavr is a cloud-based child care management solution designed to help daycare centers, preschools, kindergartens and after-school programs handle enrollments, family profiles, staff members and more. Professionals can... Learn more

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Kaymbu is a cloud-based family engagement and classroom documentation solution designed for parents, schools and teachers. Key features include documentation, assessment, messaging and photobooks. It connects parents with... Learn more

Pike13 is a cloud-based client management and scheduling software solution that targets health and wellness clubs, fitness studios and music and dance studios. This solution features scheduling, billing, client management,... Learn more

OWNA simplifies childcare management with Australia's only true All-In-One Child Care Management Software. Our customisable app enables owners, educators and directors to manage their centres with ease, improve compliance and... Learn more

Illumine is a comprehensive childcare management software packed with all the functionalities of daycare & preschool owners. Directors and teachers can manage administrative reporting, program planning, manage billings, interactio... Learn more

Parent is a childcare management software that streamlines the administrative process for managers and keeps parents connected to their children throughout the day. Here's how Parent App can transform your childcare center: -... Learn more

tadpoles is a cloud-based solution designed to help childcare centers manage and streamline various administrative processes related to attendance tracking, reporting and more. Professionals can use the dashboard to monitor... Learn more

ChargeOver is a cloud-based standalone billing and invoicing solution designed for businesses across all industries. The platform offers functionalities including standard or customized reporting, a self-service customer portal,... Learn more

Bloomz is a communication solution designed to help schools and childcare centers engage with parents and students by sending updates, reminders and messages. Educational institutions can view events on a calendar, add image... Learn more

myKidzDay is a cloud-based daycare solution designed for teachers, parents and daycare owners. The solution provides communication between parents and child care providers. Key features include reporting, attendance management,... Learn more

Arbox is the leading all-in-one solution for fitness, wellness, teaching, and courses businesses. This innovative platform is specifically designed to streamline operations, optimize efficiency, and empower business owners to... Learn more

Storiicare is a cloud-based long-term care solution that enables adult daycare centers, assisted living providers and nursing homes to manage processes related to patients’ admissions, communications, staff scheduling and more.... Learn more

Enrolmy is a cloud-based solution used to book and manage childcare activities. It has everything businesses need to automate and manage your programs' accounting, enrollment, registration, customer communication, data management,... Learn more

Carecenta offers a wide range of advanced features to enhance the management software experience for various healthcare agencies, including skilled and non-skilled or private duty home care agencies, home infusion, and nursing... Learn more

KidCheck is a secure children’s check-in software that helps improve child safety, streamline check-ins and create peace of mind. The software is designed for organizations such as churches, fitness facilities, camps, daycares,... Learn more

Lower your costs with Playground, the modern child care management software that eliminates admin busywork and delights families. Our top-rated software includes essential features like billing, family engagement, digital... Learn more

PREto3 is a cloud-based childcare management system which assists daycare centers, preschools, camps and after-school clubs with online enrollment and student onboarding. Its key features include billing automation, attendance... Learn more

Enrollsy is an online enrollment software designed to streamline program/class enrollment, back-office operations and billing. Key features include digital enrollment, invoicing, payments, activity and attendance tracking, daily... Learn more

Eleyo is a cloud-based software designed to help child care and after-school programs manage invoicing, reporting, registration, participation, client communications, and more. The platform lets parents view their account... Learn more

Moment is a cloud-based childcare solution that helps businesses manage parent communications and payments for preschools, summer camps, after-school/enrichment and schools. Key features include collaboration, real-time chat,... Learn more

ChildWatch is a cloud-based childcare management solution that includes tools to manage small and midsize childcare and home daycare centers. Key modules include childcare center management, parent portal management, electronic... Learn more

KidGenius is software designed to assist childcare centers of all sizes to streamline operations related to photo sharing, attendance tracking, activity monitoring, child profiles, parent messaging, and other administrative... Learn more

Educa is a cloud-based communications platform for child care centers, preschools and early learning programs. It enables teachers, parents and administrators to communicate and stay informed about student milestones, program... Learn more

Eliminate most of your management tasks with iCare’s Childcare Management software tools for office and classroom management. Automate and simplify enrollment, billing, payments, registration, recordkeeping, journaling, and... Learn more

Daycarez is a cloud-based child care management solution. The solution caters to the needs of parents and teachers. Key features include a dashboard, analytics, attendance, a notice board, fee and payment management, messaging... Learn more

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