FolioSure is a cloud-based solution designed to help private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) firms monitor and analyze the performance of portfolio companies. Using the built-in cash flow engine, managers can calculate net... Learn more

Carta is a cloud-based solution that helps organizations in the finance industry streamline and manage portfolios, valuations, holdings and more. It provides enterprises with a fund administrative module, which enables venture... Learn more

Pulley is a cap table platform taking a new approach to equity management. We give founders and employees the tools and insights to make smarter decisions about their equity. Equity is your company’s most important asset. Make... Learn more

Rundit is a customizable tool that helps venture capital firms to streamline operations related to investment data analytics and insights. Rundit aggregates data from portfolio and investment levels and enables fund managers to... Learn more


Alternative Investment Management (AIM) is a cloud-based private equity CRM solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage portfolios, interactions, deals, fundraising and compliance. Based on the Salesforce platform,... Learn more

Agora is a comprehensive, user-friendly real estate investment management platform designed specifically for general partners, syndicators, owners/operators, and investment firms. We enable our customers to do what they do... Learn more

Quoroom is a cloud-based capital raising platform that helps private organizations manage investor pipeline, connect with new investors, close a funding round with all necessary legal documents, maintain shareholder relations and... Learn more

Kushim is an all-in-one investment tracking suite built for VC and PE firms. From deal screening to exit, Kushim's suite of products can help streamline workflows and manage funds. Kushim allows users to spend less time searching... Learn more

Cake offers a range of unique benefits that make it a must-have tool for startup founders. With Cake, users can automate many equity-related processes, reducing the risk of errors and saving time and money. It also provides... Learn more

Upstock is a cloud-based RSU management software solution. RSUs remove the need for 409a's by acting like IOUs for future stock and provides users with instant buy-in privilege. This allows employees the change to buy-in without... Learn more

As private equity firms face continued pressure to demonstrate returns faster, the need for increased operational engagement and efficiency has become critical. Maestro is a cloud-based solution designed specifically to modernize... Learn more

Allvue helps investment professionals enable deeper relationships with their investors and prospects and improve access to information. The solutions are integrated across the full end-to-end fund lifecycle, ultimately empowering... Learn more

Pepper solves the enterprise complexities of data, speed, insight, and action for asset managers, enabling the best investment decisions. Pepper is a System of Engagement (SOE) with a cloud-based platform adaptable to the types... Learn more

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The World's Fastest Private Equity Platform, Create SPVs Instantly to Fund Your Projects. Set up SPVs and funds instantly to invest in multiple deals. Allocations provides an end-to-end fund platform that increases efficiency and... Learn more

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Designed for small to large financial businesses, FCX is a cloud-based solution that helps manage investments via document storage, digital wallet, investor verification and more. The platform offers various features including... Learn more

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IR Manager is a comprehensive CRM investor relations platform that helps listed companies, advisory firms and private companies manage their shareholder outreach strategies with post-listing analytics. It features everything... Learn more

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The Optio platform offers all the necessary tools for all stages of the equity compensation life cycle. The administrator portal is a tool that helps users easily plan and manage equity compensation for their employees. Users... Learn more

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Startup finance is complicated. At TWO12, we aim to simplify the process by helping founders reduce dilution and maximize control. Our pricing structure allows you to check out directly on our website, no long sales pitches or... Learn more

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Designed for businesses in consulting, financial services and other industries, is a cloud-based equity management solution that helps manage portfolio analysis, market research, asset benchmarking and more. Key features... Learn more

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