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Stratokey is a cloud-based data protection solution for midsize and large companies. The system offers features like encryption, monitoring, analytics and defense. It automatically blocks unauthorized access to sensitive data. For organizations already using programs including Office365, DropBox, Google apps, SugarCRM, Dynamics and others, Stratokey provides in-app field encryption, automatically blocking unauthorized access to defend private data. The solution protects information like customer history, financial or medical reports and trade documents against theft, phishing attacks and other security threats. StratoKey selectively encrypts and tokenize sensitive information before it's sent to the cloud application. Behavioral Analysis of the solution detects security anomalies, outliers, significant changes in behavior and insider threats. Businesses can utilize compliance requirements as specified in legislation such as FERPA, HIPAA, GDPR and GLBA. Users can set policies for different operating systems, browsers, mobile and other devices.
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