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TrackMyLeads is a cloud-based call tracking and intake management solution. Key features include lead management, internal messaging, call tracking and recording, advertising campaign statistics, and reporting and analytics. TrackMyLeads tracks the cost per lead (CPL) or the client acquisition cost (CAC) to help companies manage and evaluate their sales pipeline. Users of the system can view reports on staff productivity, see real-time client conversions and customize customer intake forms. The solution enables managers to manage Google AdWords ROI with the system's PPC call tracking feature. TrackMyLeads allows users to create reports about staff performance, lead conversion by the representative, lead generation from multiple sources and more. Users can also get unique phone numbers to set their own campaign. Services are offered on a per month subscription basis. Support is available via email, phone and through an online form.
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TrackMyLeads pricing

TrackMyLeads does not have a free version. TrackMyLeads paid version starts at US$99.00/month.

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