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Flowlytics software suite by Invistics is a cloud-based supply chain management solution designed for industries such as consumer packaged goods, industrial machinery, pharmaceuticals, metal fabrication and more. The modules in Flowlytics can be deployed on-premise as well. The Lean Insights module offers tools to access and organize data related to flow time, customer service levels and throughput. It also helps users to measure flow-based performance and promote lean behaviors across the supply chain. The Inventory Advisor manages stock levels, while the Pull Manager module helps users implement a pull-based manufacturing supply chain. Flow Path Health’s charts and graphs provide real-time visibility into production which includes current inventory levels, order placement and order fulfillment. Lot Sizer module helps companies to manage plant costs by recommending optimal lot sizes, batch sizes and order quantities. Support is available via phone and email.
Flowlytics Software - The Inventory Advisor
Flowlytics Software - Pull Manager
Flowlytics Software - Flow Path Health
Flowlytics Software - Lean Insights
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