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DomainTools is a web-based threat intelligence software designed to help businesses assess the risk of domains, investigate online fraud and cybercrimes, manage phishing detection and monitor infringing activity. Key features include online fraud investigation, threat hunting, brand protection and incident response. Security analysts using DomainTools can identify threats, streamline investigations, track information and predict risk levels based on threats associated with various domains. The PhishEye solution enables managers to receive notifications about new domain registrations, view information about each domain and export customer domain/IP blocklists in CSV format. Additionally, using predictive assessment, teams can assess whether to allow, conditionally allow or deny various types of connections and classify and block domains according to the type of risk it represents. DomainTools enables users to mine historical Whois records to find connections, view current as well as historical infrastructure associated with a domain and track the evolution of threat actor campaigns. The TLS and SSL certificates connect and profile domains, which help assess the risk level or trustworthiness of various domains.
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DomainTools does not have a free version and does not offer a free trial. DomainTools paid version starts at US$99.00/month.

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Reviewed on 10/3/2023

Great tool when managing many domain names


They offer very practical free tools, but their paid solution is also very useful to protect your sites from cybersquatting


I have no problem with free tools. The paid tool may seem a bit expensive, but considering what it avoids, it can quickly pay for itself

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