About CannaPoint

CannaPoint is a retail and production management solution built for cannabis dispensaries. Key features include job cost analysis, inventory, point of sale (POS), production control and state reporting. CannaPoint enables employees to automatically verify customer age at both check-in and show room by scanning driver’s license barcodes. Medical cards can also be scanned and automatically verified at registers. Product labels can be customized and include all required product information such as weight, potency, grow, METRC tag and batch. A variety of reports for metrics such as medical vs recreational sales and inventory, sales of strains and grades as well as sales history reports by employee, store and overall. Users can also monitor inventory quantities and state reporting. All reports can be run for a specific day or any date range. Documents, forms and reports can all be reprinted on demand.
CannaPoint Software - Medical check
CannaPoint Software - Item check
CannaPoint Software - METRC data screen
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CannaPoint Software - Item check - thumbnail
CannaPoint Software - METRC data screen - thumbnail

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