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Work4 (W4) is a social media recruitment solution that assists recruiters in hiring candidates using social media. The solution caters to different industry verticals such as transportation, healthcare, education and retail. W4 Pipeline helps recruiters to extract job requisitions from the organization’s applicant tracking system (ATS) and then shortlist candidates profiles through Facebook. Users can send job posts in the form of news feeds to the shortlisted candidates on their social media profiles. W4 Ambassadors enables employees to share jobs and upload employer’s branded content on their social networks. It also offers automated content sharing feature that allows employees to set the frequency of job posts on their social profile present on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. W4 App lets recruiters build a career tab that allows active job seekers to view and apply for job openings available on a real-time basis. W4 Ads enables organizations to advertise HR content to the relevant candidates through social ads. In addition, it offers W4 Mobility suite that helps users to post internal job openings in work groups.
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