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NocRoom Hosted PBX offers cloud-based hosted PBX solutions to help businesses set up customized VOIP systems including digital phone line sharing, interactive voice response (IVR), call monitoring and mobile networking. NocRoom's digital contact manager helps businesses create a company- and corporate-wide phone directory. Users can record single or multiple voice messages for their callers. The solution is cloud-based, allowing agents to answer calls remotely. Managers and supervisors can listen in to calls from another extension to train or monitor the calling quality. NocRoom also supports call block, broadcast, forwarding and queuing features. The Dialplan feature allows agents to make calls using the contact's phone number, name, designation or location. Other features include configurable voicemails, user management, automated email responses, call paging and parking, hold music and more. NocRoom is available on a per user per month subscription basis.
NocRoom Hosted PBX Software - IVR menu
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NocRoom Hosted PBX Software - Login screen - thumbnail

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NocRoom Hosted PBX does not have a free version.

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